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How to Run Your Own Social Campaign

Posted by Dean Asher on 9/25/14 11:00 PM
Topics: social media, Marketing to Students

Using a social media page in an organized marketing campaign can be incredibly intimidating for novice users, but you don't have to rely on a marketing guru to get results. Fernando Cuscuela at Business2Community shared his favorite strategy for managing a simple social campaign that will turn your Facebook or Twitter profile into a viable marketing machine.

It’s not uncommon to have social media marketing teams consist of just one person. As a one-man or one-woman team, it’s impossible to do everything you know you should be doing to build your brand on your limited time and resources. It’s also essential that your valuable time be spent on marketing activities that actually pay off.

If you’re running a social media solo act and strapped for time and resources, here are some tips to help you successfully manage a social media campaign on your own.

Get Organized

When you’re running a marketing campaign by yourself, the key to success and not falling behind on any given task is organization. Here are some tools to help you get organized right away.

Time Your Tasks: It’s easy to get lost in the endless streams of content on social networks, so to make sure you’re spending your time wisely try setting time limits for each one of your to-do list items, that way you’re not spending too much in one place. There are number of free time-tracking apps, such as Toggl, ATracker, and Timesheet, that can help you stay on task and track where your time is being spent.

Editorial / Content Calendars: Creating and maintaining an editorial or content calendar can help you stay organized and provide an inventory of your content so you can spot any areas that need more focus. It requires strategy and planning to come up with social media content that fits across your multiple networks, and organizing with a calendar can help you coordinate your ideas effectively. You can create your own customized content calendar from scratch, or customize one of the many existing templates available on the web.

Schedule in Advance

Instead of trying to figure out what to post everyday, schedule some time before each week or at the beginning of the month to write out social media content and posts that will still be relevant at a later date. Creating the bulk of your posts in advance will free up your time everyday so you can spend it on other important activities such as monitoring and interacting on your social networks. Even the process of scheduling out your social media posts can be time-consuming, so consider using a cross-posting tool for an easier and faster way to schedule content on all your social media networks at once.

Quality > Quantity

There will always be a new way of doing things that you ought to try, a new social network everyone says you should join, and new ideas popping up for content to post. However, setting realistic goals for your social media campaign will keep your efforts on track and the focus on meeting your brand’s overall goals in a consistent manner.

The key is choosing the right social media networks that fit your brand’s message and goals and creating content consistently for those platforms. It’s impossible for one person to post, monitor and engage on a dozen different social networks each day, so choose a few where your target audience is already hanging out and spend your time creating engaging, quality content for those select outlets. Content creation is very time-consuming, but it helps if you try to focus on creating “evergreen content”, or content that stays relevant for a long period of time. This allows you to re-post, re-share, and continue to drive traffic long after you’ve published your content for the first time.

With limited time and resources as a one-man or one-woman marketing team, it’s important that your valuable time be spent on efforts that actually pay off and help you achieve your brand’s goals.

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