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How to Spend a $100 Social Media Budget

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 5/11/15 11:00 PM
Topics: social media

Most companies do not have millions allocated towards their social media marketing budget. In fact, most businesses operate on a just few thousands dollars per month. But let's say, for example, that your store has no more than $100 to spend on social media next month. How do you spend that small amount and get the best return on your (small) investment? The excerpt below, taken from a Buffer blog post, attempts to answer that question to serve as a reminder that no matter how small your budget, there are ways you can spend to get the most out of your social media marketing. Be sure to check out the full article to see all their suggestions!

Plan A: The all-in-one social media budget

One of the first qualifications of spending $100 on social media is that the way you spend is likely to be quite unique: Everyone has their own specific niche and audience to serve, and most social media profiles are at varying degrees of completeness.

With this in mind, I’ve aimed to share some thoughts here that might fit the majority of profiles. Feel free to adjust and correct as needed for your particular situation.

Design/graphics/photos – $40

With visual design carrying such a large emphasis on social media (images are the No. 1 most important factor in optimal social media content, according to an Adobe survey), it feels great to put your best foot forward on the visuals and graphics front.

For social media marketing, this can mean:

We’ve written some fun tutorials on what to do with certain resources—how to turn photos and graphics into ideal social media images. It’s possible that you’ll be able to create these images and spend nothing. There’re tons of great, free tools out there.

If you choose to spend in this area, here’s one direction that your money could go.

  • Death to the Stock Photo subscription ($10/month) – You can subscribe to access the full archive of their professional photos plus members-only photo sets
  • Fiverr for quick, small designs ($15) – Projects on Fiverr run $5 apiece, if you need a little extra hand with a certain design something. They have a complete section for help with images and logos.
  • Add some funds to Creative Market or IconFinder or The Noun Project ($15) – Each of these sites is a digital marketplace for designers to sell the cool things they make. IconFinder and The Noun Project are for icons, with individual icons selling for no more than $2 apiece. Creative Market sells icon sets, website themes, templates, photos, graphics, and tons more.

the noun project

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