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How to Turn Your Salespeople into Brand Ambassadors

Posted by Dean Asher on 9/24/15 4:00 AM
Topics: college store customer service, Marketing to Students

Students are your target demographic, but they also make up the majority of most college stores' employees. For them, is it a convenient part-time job, or are they truly ambassadors for your brand? Sometimes making sure your retail employees are an individual reflection of your store is just a matter of perception. Judy Mottl at Retail Customer Experience explains how — read the full post here.


Some brands, such as Kate Spade, are taking the brand ambassador aspect pretty seriously. All you need to do is look at its online job ads and what you’ll see immediately is that the fashion retail icon isn’t calling a store associate a store associate any longer.

The job title is muse, or senior muse.

For the clearest view of what Kate Spade is aiming for in changing up the traditional job title of "store associate" one only has to take a look at the job responsibilities listed out in current job openings.

Here’s the initial job skills for ‘muse’:

  • client & service expert:
    • achieves individual sales goals
    • develops strong product knowledge across all categories
    • the sales associate is responsible for ensuring exemplary customer service by delivering the ultimate kate spade experience
    • able to develop a personal clientele through effective use of the selling skills, proactive client outreach and use of client book
  • building brand equity:
    • understand and communicate the kate spade aesthetic, brand philosophy and lifestyle to the customer
    • demonstrate interest and ability to work as part of a team

Here’s part of the job description for senior muse:

  • client & service expert:
    • expertise in the development of a clientele
    • model and lead the team by developing a repeat business and maximizes sales through proactive client outreach
    • build and maintain new/existing client relationships and has a strong, productive client book
    • maintain clientele and thank you note standards
    • demonstrate strong use of selling skills
  • leadership presence:
    • achievement of personal sales goals
    • educate team on sales plans, personal sales goals, store stats and drives team to achieve them
    • ensure the highest level of service is provided to all customers through extensive product knowledge and the completion of product profiles
    • foster a team environment by creating a fun, competitive, inviting atmosphere
  • building brand equity:
    • understand and can communicate the kate spade brand aesthetic, brand philosophy and lifestyle to the sales team and customer
    • ensure brand and operating standards are met to support brand consistency
    • ensure store presentation standards are achieved and maintained

What Kate Spade is doing is ensuring its brand philosophy, and the customer experience it wants every consumer to experience, is well engrained in its workforce and throughout the workforce that touches upon the consumer experience.

No, it’s not a cutting-edge approach as Apple did it a bit from the start of its retail strategy with its "Genius" staffers and Walmart took a slightly similar approach with its "Greeters," and there is the Geek Squad staff at Best Buy.

But this is clearly a deeper commitment, a much more strenuous strategy by Kate Spade and I believe it will not only pay off in terms of enhancing the customer experience, it’ll teach company employees some pretty exceptional, and valuable, retail skills, which will foster their retail careers.

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