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How to Use Social Media to Market to College Students

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 7/14/14 11:00 PM
Topics: social media, college store customer service, Marketing to Students

In a full post at, Kaitlin Bain discusses tips on how you can market directly to the most important customer base of your store - college students. It's well known that college students are one of the most active demographics on social media, and maximizing your reach on those platforms can make a huge difference to your store. Here are a few pointers from Bain's article:

Exchange coupons for “likes”

Most college students will like a company’s Facebook page and then unlike it after they get whatever giveaway is being offered. Instead of giving them a coupon just once for clicking like, keep the coupons coming. College students notoriously have less money than the rest of the world and are trying to spend as little as possible. If you offer a coupon each month, not only will they not unlike your business’ Facebook page – they’ll continue to buy, and bring their friends, too!

Have a hashtag

Decide on a unique and appealing hashtag for your business. Make sure to display it in your storefront as well as on your website and in your own tweets. This way, students will be encouraged to use the hashtag as well, and will spread the word to their friends, basically creating a social media database for other interested students to see what your business is all about.

Follow students first

This doesn’t mean following them home from school; follow them on each of your various social media platforms. Many students won’t follow your business first if you don’t offer them something. However, if you follow them first, a lot of the time they’ll think, “Sure, I’ll follow them back; why not?” Now your specials are showing up on their timeline, enticing them to visit your shop.

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