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How Your In-store Planning Can Help You Build Your Digital Experience

Posted by Dean Asher on 4/6/16 11:42 PM
Topics: eCommerce, omnichannel

You know what it takes to build an appealing storefront. Your window display and floor need to be appealing enough to entice shoppers, and you need to highlight the right merchandise at the right price to seal the sale. That same thought process can also be a huge driving force behind your digital store. In a guest post for Retail Minded, David Salisbury offers his insight on how the same diligence you bring to your physical store can help build and promote a successful eCommerce site.

It’s all about SEO

Balancing Your In-Store and Digital ExperiencesThe first step to going digital is ensuring customers can easily find your establishment online. If a potential shopper carries out a Google search for your store hours, how easy will it be to find them? To determine that, it would be beneficial to carry out your own search. If you are not within the first five results listed, something is wrong. Whether other shops with similar names come up or simply unrelated results, if shoppers don’t find you on the first page, it’s likely they will move on to something else. To guarantee your business is the first that comes up, make sure your website has the correct SEO terms included within the home page, each page title and the metadata.

Go mobile

Once SEO has been enhanced, take the next digital step and consider deploying a mobile strategy. Whether that’s creating a mobile version of your website, developing a mobile app for shoppers, or enlisting a third party app that enables you to be a better retailer, going mobile comes with a plethora of benefits. Depending on the type of strategy you choose, benefits can range from presenting customers with another way to make a purchase to providing ways for you to get to know your clientele better.

Additionally, consider the benefits that could come as a result of going mobile with your point of sale system. For retailers, having enough staff to run the store is crucial. However, employees’ priority should be to engage with customers and assist them as needed with their shopping – it should not be running the store. Mobile POS systems create an incredible opportunity for retailers to ensure employees are taking care of the customer, while also expediting the checkout process, therefore reducing lines and creating more room in the store for shoppers to walk the aisle. Employees who are equipped with a connected mobile POS system also gain an advantage by having access to the same technology as the shopper, therefore being able to view pertinent information in real-time and make necessary changes as needed.

As you assess strategies to propel your business forward, don’t discount those that seem rudimentary in nature. Whether you’re an established SMB opening up your tenth branch or just starting out with your first one, a refined digital plan could be key in creating growth opportunities.

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