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5 Instagram Marketing Tips

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 2/5/15 10:00 PM
Topics: social media, instagram, college retail, Marketing to Students

When it comes to marketing to your students, Instagram may actually be one of the best tools in your social media arsenal. It's popular with college students, it's easy to make a big impression with little effort and the images you create lend themselves well to re-purposing on other channels. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your IG impact, selected from a post by Alex Ditty. Read through the following excerpt and then be sure to check out the rest of Ditty's tips at Business 2 Community.


Follow the top trends

The best social media marketers are constantly aware of the top trends active on Instagram and when the fit is right for the brand they’re participating in those conversations to increase their exposure. Monitoring the post popular trends and hashtags on Instagram is a great way to grow your brand’s awareness and by staying on top of the trends specific to your community you can also increase your interactions with those fans.

When it comes to getting your brand involved in popular trends there may not be any better than Dunkin’ Donuts. Whether it’s a major sporting event or a national holiday, Dunkin’ Donuts is known for sharing content that brings their brand and lifestyle into the conversation. They do this best with events that are relevant to their fan base and incorporate their brand in fun and playful ways that isn’t overly sales-focused. Consider the events and trending topics that you can get your brand involved in to grow your exposure.

Engage your community

Instagram isn’t a one way channel for promoting your brand. If your goal is for your community to engage and interact with you then you need to be doing the same with them. Interacting with the posts your fans are sharing helps strengthen your relationship with them and also increases your visibility to their network. Reciprocate your fans’ passion for your brand by engaging their posts and the results will pay dividends.

Popular beauty retailer Bath & Body Works exemplifies positive, fan interaction on Instagram with their engagement on posts their community shares with the brand’s hashtags. Simple comments on content being shared with your contests helps validate that fan’s participation and leads to further participation from their followers. Grow participation with your Instagram marketing initiatives by engaging your community.

Know what your community likes

Get involved with your community by paying attention to the interests they’re sharing. Monitoring the content your community likes and the hashtags they’re using in association with your brand can give you a picture of their interests and what they like about your brand. Use this learning to guide your content strategy to determine what you should be sharing and also to guide your engagement with those fans.

Post authentic content

The content that you’re sharing needs to be authentic and representative of your brand’s lifestyle. Your followers will love seeing authentic content from your account and will respond positively. Use Instagram as a network for showcasing your lifestyle and inspiring your community rather than another channel to place your ads because nothing will cause you to lose followers faster than bombarding your feed with un-engaging sales promotional posts.

GoPro cameras capture incredibly exhilarating and inspiring moments which provides great content for their Instagram account to share. @GoPro shares the experiences of their community showcasing their product’s capabilities and the lifestyle it supports in an authentic way. When planning the content for your accounts to share, consider what’s best about your product or service the moments you’re enabling your community to experience.

Run engaging contests

One of the best ways to engage your community is by running Instagram photo contests. Contests on Instagram are designed to Vincent your community to share content promoting your brand with the use of prizes and giveaways. Designing the campaign theme around what you know your community is sharing is an effective way to build participation. This participation in the contest shows you the most passionate and involved fans and the content they’re sharing gives you an invaluable form of promotion on the visual network.

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