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Instagram's Business Tools: What They Mean For Your Store

Posted by Dean Asher on 6/2/16 5:00 AM
Topics: social media, instagram, business intelligence

In a long-anticipated move, Instragram officially announced its new tools for business users this week. Now businesses such as your campus store can create business profiles, use improved BI analytics and create posts as ads, boosting your visibility and driving traffic toward your store and website. While there are a few quirks — only users who have already set up a business page on Facebook will be able to create a business profile on Instagram, for example — these tools should go a long way in reaching today's college-aged consumers.

To provide more insight on these tools, check out this excerpt from techcrunch.

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With Insights, businesses will be able to track which of their posts are performing well, and other details about their audience’s demographics. As previously reported, this includes things like top posts, reach, impressions and engagement around posts, along with data on followers like their gender, age and location, for example. The Insights experience is mobile-first — meaning that bigger businesses may use the feature while on the go, while smaller businesses may use Insights as their primary way of tracking their performance on Instagram.

Lastly, Instagram is debuting mobile ad creation. Users will be able to promote well-performing posts and quickly turn them into ads, and the app can also offer suggestions based on the audience and budget. This tool is designed to be something businesses can use with just a few taps, but that does mean there are trade-offs when compared with the more robust Facebook tools for creating Instagram ads, like Ads Manager or Power Editor. For instance, Facebook’s desktop ad creation tools let businesses do things like upload a list of email addresses for targeting purposes, create a landing page pixel or access more sophisticated reporting capabilities. Instagram’s in-app ad tools are instead focused on simplicity and speed.

That being said, because of Instagram’s ties to Facebook, business owners can use the mobile tools to define and save custom audiences based on data from Facebook users’ profiles, like gender, age and location, as well as their individual interests, as pulled from both Instagram and Facebook.

— Sarah Perez via TechCrunch
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