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Is Social Media a Good Fit for Your Store?

Posted by Kate Seat on 6/23/14 11:00 PM
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This excerpt is from an article by Jayson DeMers, posted on Forbes. DeMers aims to bust the myth that only certain industries need to be active in social media, and explains how— and why— it can work for you. After you read the following, make sure you check out the full article for more examples of businesses increasing their sales as a result of upping their social media presence.

When thinking of businesses that are successfully using social media, most people probably think of big, established brands or companies in ‘sexy’ industries like entertainment or even marketing.

Many also assume that in order to be successful on social media, a business needs to meet certain criteria, such as:

•Having an already-established email list or customer database

•Having a big budget to invest in social media ads and audience engagement

•Having a content-rich website in place

In this article, however, I’ll demonstrate how companies in unlikely, ‘unsexy’ industries or situations have experienced positive ROI through their social media efforts. The point being: if they can do it, why can’t you?

Dentist Increases Customer Base Through Social Media

When dentist Claudia Anderson decided to replace traditional and costly marketing methods like the Yellow Pages and newspaper coupons with social media marketing, she had no idea what to expect. She felt her dental practice was in jeopardy of dying if she couldn’t find a way to market herself more effectively; so when a client off-handedly suggested she create a website and Twitter account, she decided to take the plunge.

Using a variety of strategies including a regular ‘Ask the Dentist’ feature on her blog, posting dental health videos on YouTube, and attending local ‘tweet ups’ where she could connect in real life with her social media followers, she managed to not only dramatically increase her online presence, but to achieve a measurable increase in new clients. She now offers two major takeaways from her success with social media:

1. Have an interactive website with rich, fresh content, which allows readers to leave comments and feedback.

2. Be regular and predictable with content publication, and then engage, engage, engage.

Business Without a Website Uses Twitter and Exceeds Sales Expectations by 6x

Mari Luangrath set out to use Twitter to generate some interest in her newly launched online company, Foiled Cupcakes. However, the way this came about was somewhat unexpected; due to unforeseen circumstances, the company’s website needed a complete overhaul right around the time of their launch. So, Mari decided to get active on Twitter in the meantime to help bridge the gap.

According to Mari, the strategy was simple: “We followed people in our target demographic and began to converse with them about the things that they were interested in.” No hard sell, no sending traffic to their website, no getting people into their online sales funnel; just participating in conversations with their target market.

This simple strategy paid off in spades: within 6 weeks, Foiled Cupcakes went from 0 to 2200 Twitter followers, and exceeded their original sales target 6 times over.

Have you recently implemented a social media strategy? Tell us how it's worked out for you.


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