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JC Penney Using iPod Touches to Revamp Customer Service

Posted by admin on 4/11/13 11:00 PM
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The following excerpt, from the article How JC Penney is using iPod Touches to revamp customer service in 1,100 stores, was written by and published on View the full article for more information on how JC Penney is using their mobile technology and their future plans for the POS option.

Before they begin their work shifts selling merchandise each day, sales associates in J.C. Penney's 1,100 stores across the United States now have to be sure that they head onto the sales floor with a work-issued Apple iPod Touch on their belt.

They're not carrying the devices for their music and entertainment value, of course. Instead, since November 2012, J.C. Penney has been giving salespeople the devices so they can help shoppers anywhere inside the stores.

"It's a customer service initiative," said Kate Coultas, a spokesperson for the 111-year-old retailer. "We want to make the process of shopping at J.C. Penney as easy and seamless as possible."

"Our associates want to be able to be out on the floor helping customers," said Coultas. "It doesn't help if they are stuck behind the registers. Now, if you are on the floor, you need to have an iPod Touch with you."

The iPods were first distributed back in November and are in about one-quarter of Penney stores. The full rollout to all of the stores is expected to be completed by the end of this month, said Coultas.

So far, the devices have been a big hit with the company's salespeople, she said.

"Some have nicknamed them 'Libby,' for 'Libby the Liberator' because they can be assisting customers without being chained down to a register," said Coultas.

Penney's salespeople can scan purchases and check them out using their iPod Touch. The devices are equipped in a special plastic case that incorporates a UPC code scanner and a credit card swiping device, so customers never have to go to a cash register counter. Customers can "sign" their purchases using their fingertip on the screen.

"This is great because it's an easy way for them to check-out and because they don't have to wait in line," said Coultas. "It was definitely a great success for us on Black Friday last year. On Black Friday, associates would just walk up to people in line and say, 'hey, I can check you out right now.' Customers loved it."

While the cash registers will never disappear entirely, the iPod Touch devices are a wave of the future for Penney's as the company moves to introduce the new mobile check-out option to consumers, said Coultas.

In some of the specialty shops being built inside some Penney's stores, such as Levi's shops, the company is also experiminting with Apple iPad tablets for customer interactions, she said.

Overall, the program so far has been a smash-hit, said Coultas. "The issue was delivering better customer service and we were able to do that through this initiative."

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