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How to Lower Costs and Increase Margins on New Books

Posted by Liz Schulte on 6/10/20 6:00 AM
Topics: wholesale textbooks, campus bookstore, textbook industry trends

There is a very simple way to decrease textbook costs in your store. In addition to low-cost used books, MBS also offers college stores a 12.5 percent discount off the publisher net price on new textbooks. By simply selling the new books you get from MBS first, your store saves money on the cost of textbooks.

How to Lower Costs and Increase Margins on New BooksSave money and increase margins on textbooks

To make it easier to identify new condition books from MBS, we are adding a small blue sticker to the spine of every new book. That way your store associates can easily identify which new books came from MBS. There are a couple ways you can help ensure these books sell first.

  1. Stock the new books with blue stickers in front of those without the sticker.
    Just by placing the MBS inventory in front of other new inventory, you are more likely to sell it first. It will be easy for students and store associates to pick.

  2. Make looking for the blue sticker part of your training.
    Another way to ensure these books sell first is to train your employees who pick textbooks for web orders or help students in the store to look for the blue sticker. Explain that when they are pulling new books, they should grab the textbooks with the blue sticker. The books are exactly the same, but the blue sticker books provide a better margin to the store.

  3. If there are new books in your next textbook shipment from MBS that do not have a blue sticker, request stickers from your MBS Field Marketing Territory Manager.
    We are working diligently to add blue stickers to every new book in our warehouse. However, this will be an ongoing process as we continue to transition to this new organizational method. So, if you receive a shipment that has not been marked, we are happy to provide you with the official stickers to add to your MBS new book inventory.

That’s all there is to it. Simply look for the new inventory with the blue sticker when fulfilling textbook orders and stock the shelves placing those books in the front. It is an easy way to save 12.5 percent  discount off the publisher net price on new books. Your MBS Field Marketing Territory Manager is available to answer any questions you have or help you get blue stickers. Just by taking this simple step, you can help lower store costs next term and increase margins.


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