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Major Retailers Find On-Site Pinspiration

Posted by admin on 5/23/13 11:00 PM
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The third most popular social network, Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. With over 25 million users, the social network is currently experiencing a “whopping 400% month-over-month growth.”

Considering Pinterest’s phenomenal rise to the top of the social tier, visual emulations were inevitable. We’ve witnessed countless variations of the image-focused, block design trending across the web. Yet not many have taken this Pinterest inspiration as far as Walmart, Sears and Kmart. We delve deeper into how they recreated this successful, visual shopping experience – in very different ways on their own sites – below.


Along with maintaining a profile on Pinterest, the retail corporation took the visual influence one step further with the “Trending Now” section of They encourage users to “Get Inspired,” and offer trend filters by way of store department sections. They also include top searched for terms of the day.

Each image includes a reason for why it’s trending. For instance, some of the recent ones are labeled: “New Pin,” “Just Reviewed,” and “Best Seller.” This is an excellent way to highlight products as well as add value for customers.

Integrating social networks, Walmart provides the option to tweet, pin or “like” the item in the picture along with looking at the product page on-site. So although it does look a lot like Pinterest at first, it incorporates Facebook and Twitter elements too. Walmart demonstrates an effective way to improve your site with the increasing social and visual elements online.

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Sears & Kmart

The two retailers teamed up – along with Land’s End and My Gofer – for “Shop Your Way,” a digital-focused loyalty program. Hosted on its own site – separate from the retailers – Shop Your Way is essentially an e-commerce focused version of Pinterest. The overarching options are broken down into sections such as departments, brands, stores, topics, etc.

To learn more about their initiative, read the full article here.

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