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Make Textbook Rush a "Party in the USA"

Posted by Rob Heller on 1/9/14 10:00 PM
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The following article was written by MBS Representative, Rob Heller. Read more of Rob's industry insights and experiences on his personal blog.

mbs-hq-rob-e1389274501429I’m a dork. Not one of those smart IT hipsters with the latest gadgets; I’m more of the guy who saw the weather correspondent on TV throw boiling water into subzero temperatures and go outside to try it myself. That’s my level of cutting-edge right there. By the way it does freeze instantly, so be sure to throw it far enough away that you don’t ice your clothes – yeah I learned that the hard way.

This week, I experienced a new level of cold firsthand during the Polar Vortex in America’s heartland. I drove round trip from Columbia, South Carolina, to Columbia, Missouri. There’s nothing like a solo 30+ hour drive to grant you some time in deep thought. Somehow along the way, I even related the fact that I believe Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus is so much better than twerking Miley to how we should all be thinking about our jobs right now.

It probably wasn’t a stretch for me to reach that conclusion, certainly not after hearing Party in the USA for the 20th time. No, I didn’t find some super chill, millennial radio station while dodging snow banks in Southern Illinois. The sounds cranking thru the Honda speakers were pure Rob Heller iTunes gold. Luckily, not many drivers were on the road to see me “moving my hips like yeah.”

So, where I am going with this? I think we should all embrace our dork side. Isn’t it more fun? I can deal with textbooks all daylong if “I’m nodding my head like yeah.”

This time of year, the college store can be a stressful place. The calendar turn between December exams and January classes is complicated by closings and lack of staff. Instructors forget to submit book orders before their vacations, and just try to get a freight driver out of his cab on a cold day. Ironic how “you don’t pay for inside delivery” is never an issue in summer school.

But no matter how crazy it all gets, don’t stress! MBS is here to help you with tough stuff, and we’ll all get through it together. Let’s have more fun and make rush like a party: a Party in the USA! Well, I gotta go and you know I’m gonna be okay ’cause “the Brittany song is on, and the Brittany song is on, and the Brittany song is on…”

About Rob Heller

Rob Heller began work with MBS in the Wholesale Division in 2012, but his bookstore experiences stretch several decades. He began his career in the early 1990s with College Bookstores of America at their off-campus location serving Clemson University. Rob is also an accomplished sports broadcaster having announced nearly 2,500 games including the ACC and NCAA Tournaments. He has served as the home stadium announcer for Clemson University, Coastal Carolina University, and several professional baseball and soccer teams. He and his wife currently reside in Elgin, South Carolina, (near Columbia) along with their three boys.

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