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Making the Leap with the MBS Systems POS on a Mobile Microsoft® Surface Pro

Posted by Lori Reese on 6/12/18 5:30 AM
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The MBS Microsoft Surface Pro Mobile POS offers more than an opportunity to conduct sales beyond your store. With the complete MBS Systems software loaded onto the state-of-the-art hardware, it’s a chance to increase productivity — and jettison your store ahead of the competition.

Making the Leap

“Mobility means more than just the ability to take point-of-sale on the road,” said MBS Systems Sales Manager Chris Bovi. “I can use a tablet for productivity purposes. I can use it to conduct inventory or to more easily and accurately fulfill web orders.”

With its comfortable keyboard and light-weight footprint, the Surface Pro hardware — which weighs in at less than two pounds — lets you set up a fully functional work-station in the back of the store. That productivity takes place on a machine known in the retail business for its durability and reliability.

In addition, there’s nothing you can do on a full-size POS that you can’t do on the Surface Pro.

“We’re the only vendor that’s using Microsoft Surface,” said Bovi. “Portability gives managers the ability to interact with their back-office applications, and the MBS applications wherever they are. They don’t have to be tethered to the store for a particular type of device. They can be at a conference, or they could be working elsewhere on campus.”

The Surface Pro increases your capacity to make sales when you do take the POS on the road. You can go directly to your customers and accept all tenders — even student financial aid. Such functionality puts you ahead of the online competition.

“When you go out and manage graduation, you can provide the same transaction and tender types that you do in your store because it’s the same software, it’s the same set-up. So, it gives you tremendous flexibility and continuity,” Bovi said.

MBS Systems eases the transition

MBS Systems knows a transition is no small thing. Between each term’s rush and buyback, there’s never really a “convenient” time to introduce new software. The move requires extra man-hours and an adaptable, enthusiastic staff.

“Any transition, any replacement of one system solution with another is always a challenge. All your other responsibilities and that of your staff don’t go away while you’re implementing a new system,” Bovi said.

That’s one reason MBS Systems emphasizes its service as much as its technology. The company provides an experienced implementation team for every new partner.

“I think things like features and functionalities and new capabilities pull you in and get you interested in making a relationship change,” said Bovi. “But knowing there is an implementation and project management feature is what gives people the comfort to make the change. There’s really two different things going on there. ‘Hey, that mobile point of sale stuff, that’s a really cool capability I don’t currently have … but oh, man, changing systems is awful, it’s terrible,’” Bovi said.

With decades of implementation experience, MBS Systems is able to offer partners the support they need for a successful transition. As eCommerce continues to threaten brick-and-mortar retail, isn’t it time to consider taking the leap?

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