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Making the Pieces Fit

Posted by Kate Seat on 6/5/14 11:00 PM
Topics: college store customer service, Marketing to Students

Tetris 30th AnniversaryFor 30 years, and across many game platforms and electronic devices, Tetris has helped people happily waste a little—or a lot—of time. And whether or not you agree with the research that playing Tetris improves brain function, leads to better concentration and reduces trauma, the game is ultimately about strategies to fit the different pieces together. Whether you’re facing an easy succession of the square O-Block or tall I pieces, or the momentary stress of having to soft drop and slide the Z shape into place at the last moment, Tetris is a balancing act. Taken independently, it doesn’t seem possible that those individual pieces could continue to stack well, as the game speeds up level to level. And sure, sometimes there are gaps, and sometimes you choose the wrong spot, but as you go, you get a little bit better each time.

Imagine that your store is the playing field (the “well” or “matrix” for you sticklers out there). Somehow you’ve got to fit all of these different pieces together: your customers, staff, vendors and merchandise. It’s your job to figure out how best to manage all of the factors, so you decide what to move and where it goes, what area needs your attention the most. It can feel like you’re racing the clock as you slide things around, and try different approaches. Sometimes it’s probably even a case of choosing what to simply shove off to the corner and hoping for the best.

Just like in Tetris, with retail, you never know what’s heading in your direction.

Luckily for you, you’ve got a strategy guide right here. We give you tips and tricks, free marketing plans and materials, and share information from other stores just like yours. We’re here to help you figure out how to take the pieces you’re given and use them to move on to the next level.


About Kate Seat

Kate Seat is a former copywriter at MBS. When away from work, she’s either creating one-of-a-kind art dolls, reading or watching way too much tv with her husband, daughter and an irritable chinchilla named Klaus.

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