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Marketing Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 7/7/14 11:00 PM
Topics: social media, Marketing to Students

Most articles that discuss marketing on social media sites discuss ideas that you should implement to help grow your online presence. But just as important is knowing what mistakes your store should avoid. Here are some steps on what not to do on social media from Dan Virgillito, and you can read his full article originally posted on

1. Not Promoting Your Accounts

If you have accounts on different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, promote them on each of your accounts to attract more prospective clients. Include them on your e-mail signature and business cards as well.

This way, people who already are in your network can follow you if they have accounts on those sites, giving you the chance to also connect with the people in their network.

Take every opportunity that you have for connecting with users who belong to your target market.

2. Account Inactivity

Social media marketing doesn’t stop after creating an account. You’re promoting your brand to users so they should notice you. If they don’t feel your presence, you may not really reap its benefits.

3. Over Posting

Too much of something is also not good. Several postings a day could turn users off as this may flood their feeds with everything that you post.

They may perceive it as spamming, making it difficult for them to be updated on posts from their other friends or people they are following. You should find the right balance so you gain have the exposure you need, without over posting. Two to three postings per day is ideal.

This way, those who access their account in the morning or evening are still able to see your updates.

4. Not Paying Attention to Users

Social media is not just about posting updates. It’s “social” so you must interact with the users. Do not ignore comments and questions as this could leave a bad impression.

As much as possible, acknowledge what comments are posted on your account and address them as soon as you can. Commenters feel special knowing that their voice is being heard.

This can help strengthen your relationship and develop loyalty. Not only they will keep doing business with you, but it’s also more likely that they will recommend you to their friends.

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