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Posted by Erica Martin on 1/1/16 4:22 PM
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The Digital Foreword is packed with interactive features, instructional demos and exclusive content to bring you even more of the latest industry news. It’s a whole new way to experience Foreword!

February 2016: CAMEX/ICBA edition

February 2016: CAMEX/ICBA edition

Increased productivity and flexibility? You can have both with Arc, our new key MBS Systems management tool. Featuring single-portal-access, a modern interface, and customizable features, Arc has the practical and personalized tools you need to manage your store – all in one place! Read our the newest edition of the Foreword to learn more.

February 2015: CAMEX/ICBA edition

Rental is something students are demanding more and more every year, making it critical for your store’s survival. But the uncertainty in price, rebate and return has kept some stores from taking the plunge. Now MBS is offering rental without the risk, and CAMEX and ICBA attendees both received an early preview.

December 2014: Bookstores without Barriers edition

Our latest webinar series focused on the most common challenges college stores face in our industry. In this recap, you’ll learn about our panelists’ methods for communication with faculty and students, their strategies for sourcing and more.

May 2014: Omni-Channel edition

One of consumers’ most basic expectations is fast and efficient service. Read how several stores improved service both in-store and online after discovering the difference technology truly makes on customer experience by going omni-channel.

October 2013: MBS 40th Anniversary edition

This year, we’re celebrating our 40th anniversary. Before we move forward, we thought it was fitting to reflect on where we’ve been with some of those who have known us the longest. See what they have to say! Plus, you’ll get a one-of-a-kind view of exactly how textbooks get from your store’s buyback to another student’s backpack!

February 2013: CAMEX edition

Your students are on the move. Can your store say the same? Discover the details of the all-new MBS iPad POS and how it can help expand your sales floor across campus.

October 2012: Symposium edition

This was the first edition of our publication in digital format, to bring you even more of the latest industry news!

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