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One Thing You Need If You Want to Get Better Sell-through Online

Posted by Dean Asher on 6/9/16 4:00 AM
Topics: MBS Systems inSite, eCommerce

If you want more sales on your eCommerce site, conventional wisdom states that you'll need to increase your traffic. After all, more people visiting means more potential customers. That makes sense, but what if you could transform more of your current browsers or one-time visitors, without having to invest the time and effort in increasing your visitors? That's possible as long as you follow a few pieces of advice, according to eCommerce expert Tomas Šlimas in his guest article over at Sitepoint. Be sure to read his article where he features a ton of great advice, but check below for his thoughts on the importance of trust in online vendors.

One Thing You Need If You Want to Get Better Sell-through Online

You don’t buy from someone you don’t trust, right? Most of the visitors will see your website for the first time and will be hesitant to buy from someone they have never heard of.

Making people trust your store is a crucial step to getting a customer. CyberSource reports that 85% of UK online shoppers will look for signs to confirm that site they are buying from is secure (CyberSource, 2010). Clearing the air and building a sense of trust is of paramount significance in conversion optimization – and it’s the very first step in making your site sell.

Before diving into a list of trust building elements, we must mention the way you should interpret them. The right approach is perfectly explained by B. J. Fogg, a persuasion and captology expert who led the Stanford Web Credibility Project: "To increase the credibility impact of a website, find what elements your target audience interprets most favorably and make those elements most prominent."

— Tomas Šlimas, Sitepoint
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