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Only 118 Days till Christmas!

Posted by Kate Seat on 8/27/14 11:00 PM
Topics: holidays, sales strategies, bookstore events, Marketing to Students

It may still be unbearably hot outside, but make no mistake: Winter is coming. And with it, the holiday sales season. Although you've still got months to go, you should start working out your sales strategy now. In the following excerpt from a post on Retail Minded, Nicole Reyhle gives you some solid reasons to start planning today.

The holidays are approaching… whether you’re ready or not. By now, hopefully you have identified and purchased the products you plan to sell, but beyond great inventory what else have you done to get ready?

Below are things you can do today to help jump-start your holiday season into being one of the best yet.

Schedule at least three special events during your holiday season. For some retailers, this may seem overwhelming… after all, the holidays are busy enough, so why add more to your already busy schedule? Here’s why, though – customers love the out of the ordinary and special little somethings that stores and other businesses offer during the holidays. They enjoy feeling as if the entire season is a celebration, and certainly enjoy the extra something special events offer while shopping. Whether it’s “Monday Mimosas and Holiday Shopping” or “Santa Saturdays” every Saturday following Thanksgiving or an invite only VIP evening celebration of festivity, fun and shopping, customers love to be a part of stores that celebrate the holiday season. This said, they are busy like you. Identify the dates you plan to go above the ordinary and begin to share these dates and special events with your retail audience. You can do his via social media, email marketing and in-store communication… the catch is you have to do it, though. There’s no time to delay!

Identify your holiday decorating strategy. Many retailers love the idea of decorating their stores for the holidays – maybe even more so than their own homes. But not all merchants feel this way. The idea of both merchandising and decorating can be overwhelming, but the holidays demand that seasonal feeling of warmth, festivity and holiday cheer. What are your plans to make sure your store screams “we’re holiday ready” through decorations and display? Plan ahead so that you can also order any trees, garland and other decorative supplies you may need long before the rush of customers are doing the same.

With 118 days until Christmas, there’s no time to waste. You have events, merchandising, decorations, inventory, seasonal hours, extra hires and more to prepare for. So what are you waiting for? Ready… set… go!

We've got some great ideas for those special holiday events! Check out this monthly marketing plan for lots of ideas and free customizable marketing materials!

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