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Penn College of Tech’s Director Celebrates 25 Years in Bookstore Biz

Posted by Dean Asher on 6/8/15 3:55 AM
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Matthew Branca remembers a day where it wasn't uncommon to work at a store without a POS and send book lists by fax.

Branca-EditAfter working his way up across multiple stores, the Pennsylvania College of Technology Bookstore Director is celebrating his 25th anniversary

Next month will be his 16th year anniversary at Penn College. Since going there, he has seen his staff and sale grow to at times double the size they were when he started, and has implemented a fully-integrated, hosted System that can do more functions than most bookstore employees could have dreamed of when he joined the business in 1990.

Congrats, Matt! If anyone at your store is celebrating an anniversary in the business, leave a comment.

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