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Easy Ways For Your Store to Use Pinterest

Posted by Kate Seat on 3/5/15 10:00 PM
Topics: social media, college store promotions, sales strategies

Want to start pinning for your store, but don't know where to start? Business News Daily has walk-throughs for many social media platforms, including a comprehensive one for Pinterest by Brittney Helmrich. For this excerpt, we selected a few tips to highlight how other college stores are using Pinterest right now. Take a peek at the following examples and then be sure to check out Helmrich's very thorough guide.

Pinterest may seem like a simple platform, and it is, but that doesn't mean you can't find cool and unique uses for your pin boards. There are a lot of ways that businesses and users alike can use Pinterest for purposes other than just sharing products, recipes or articles. Here are a few ways to take advantage of Pinterest:

Create gift guides. Don't just pin your latest products to your boards. For holidays (or other special, relatable occasions), turn your pinboards into gift-themed gift guides. Include your own products as well as other brands, so that it doesn't look like one giant advertisement for your business. Other pinners will love browsing through your products, and you'll probably be more likely to make a sale.

College Store Example: Check out how the University Co-op's Texas Valentine's Day board mixes apparel from the store with recipes, date night suggestions, gift ideas and more.

Show off playlists. Since you're not limited to solely pinning images, try pinning music videos from YouTube to create a playlist board. With a huge fitness community on Pinterest, this could be a great way for fitness-related companies to stray from the norm of sharing workout guides and exercise gear, for example.

College Store Example: While not exactly music videos, the University Store at UCM has an entire board devoted to tutorials, ranging from dance moves to math lessons.

Make a reading list. Save thoughtful articles and books related to your business with Pinterest by creating pinboards of all the good reads you think your visitors and customers would be interested in. You can also create secret boards with all the articles and books you're dying to read in your spare time, so they don't get lost or forgotten in your bookmarks folder.

College Store Example: This one was made for bookstores! Reading recommendations and staff picks, tie-ins to movies, cute bookish projects and accessories — the options are limitless! Here's one of our boards that features our love of the printed page.

From Upcycle It!

Plan an event. From a business trip to the office holiday party, Pinterest makes planning events (perhaps surprisingly) easier. Just create a secret group board with everyone who's working on the event, and each person can pin or repin helpful ideas, locations and tips.

College Store Example: Lately, we've gotten pretty into the idea of creating boards to coincide with our monthly marketing plans. Here are a few: Booktober, Upcycle It! Event page and New Year, New Books, New You.

Do giveaways. If you’re holding a contest or promotion, pin it to the relevant boards on your Pinterest page.

College Store Example: Check out the Beaver Bookstore (from American River College) promoting contest winners on this dedicated board.


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