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Pinterest's Video Ads Now Available (for Some)

Posted by Kate Seat on 8/19/16 8:00 AM
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Video has become a marketing staple for brands to use when communicating with current or potential customers. While it is a little bit late to the game — and not yet available to everyone — Pinterest's Promoted Video could be a vital tool for showcasing your store's merchandise.

Here are three ways to put these promoted videos to work for you, via Inc.:

MBS' Pinterest Boards

The online "catalog of ideas" is a late adopter of the feature--years behind other social platforms like Facebook or Twitter--but it might prove to be a better fit. Pinterest users are already motivated to purchase. More than half its users say they primarily use it to find or shop for products, according to the 2016 edition of Mary Meeker's annual Internet Trends report.

Here are three ways to promote your business with the new ad format, based on previous successful Pinterest campaigns:

1. Create a tutorial.

The layout for native video advertising lets brands promote a video and choose featured pins to place directly below it. This way you can effectively create an advertisement explaining how to use your products--a tutorial--and then link the mentioned goods underneath it. Moreover, with the launch of the "Buyable Pins" last year, Pinterest is slowly morphing into a digital one-stop shop. Brands can offer their entire product catalog on the social platform, and users are able to buy it without leaving the app.

2. Inspire and entertain.

Pinterest users are actively looking for ideas to inspire them. So produce videos that do this; create a campaign aimed at teaching Pinners how to do or fix something--using your products, of course. DYI project videos, for example, might make a good fit on Pinterest. You can include recipes and crafts, among other things. Whatever the topic, make sure the products featured in your video are available.

3. Tug on heart strings.

Sometimes the best ads are the ones that don't look like ads at all. Appeal to your would-be customers' emotions, without trying to make a sale. Instead of using the "buyable pins" format, use regular pins to link to your existing marketing campaigns in the platform and build brand awareness.

Keep in mind the new Pinterest ad service is only available for the mobile app. Also, only brands or businesses with a dedicated account team can try it out at this time.

— Guadalupe Gonzalez, Inc.
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