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Price Comparison Becoming Increasingly Prominent in Retail

Posted by admin on 2/13/13 10:00 PM
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The following excerpt, from the article JCPenney touts price comparison campaign via SMS, was written by , associate reporter, and published on Mobile Marketer. The article points out the growing importance of price comparison in the world of retail and the innovative ways other big brands are promoting it. Read more about the campaign by viewing the full article.

Department store chain JCPenney recently leveraged SMS to educate consumers about its claim to consistently offer low prices and ultimately increase sales.

JCPennney sent out a SMS message on Feb. 7 that prompted users to click-through to a link to learn more about the company’s low prices compared to its competitors. The SMS effort is part of a bigger multichannel marketing campaign that the brand is running.

“Mobile continues to be a key component of our integrated marketing campaigns,” said Kate Coultas, spokeswoman for JCPenney, Plano, TX.

“Our current ‘compare’ marketing campaign aims to educate customers on the great every day value that can be found at JCPenney,” she said.

Compare on mobile
The JCPenney SMS message sent to users read, “We’re making it easier to see the value with simple comparisons that show our price vs. elsewhere.” A link in the message encouraged users to shop.

When users click on the link, they are directed to a campaign-specific landing page on JCPenney’s mobile site.

The page uses rich media to let consumers swipe through content that highlights the department store’s promise to offer the lowest prices.

For example, one page features a women’s t-shirt that is $6 at JCPenney. The company claims that the same item at another store is $19.

Buttons at the bottom of the page let users shop the looks featured from JCPenney.

Multichannel push

In this case, a SMS message is a great way to educate consumers about a bigger marketing campaign and ultimately drive sales.

“While Twitter, Facebook and email are becoming more mobile – and in-turn a viable option for capturing attention on a consumers mobile phone – SMS is pure mobile,” said Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango, Seattle.

Mr. Johnson is not affiliated with JCPenney. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

“This makes SMS messaging the premier choice for an announcement such as this, as 90 percent of text messages are read within three minutes,” he said.

“If a brand has the resources to create mobile landing pages for each campaign, there is nothing better. A highly targeted, highly relevant call-to-action on a mobile landing page can be the difference between success and failure for a campaign, so why risk sending consumers to a generic mobile site, and possibly losing both their interest and engagement in the campaign?”

As JCPenney has found, price comparison is a great way to shift consumer perception of your store. Talk with your MBS Representative about ways we can help you provide this technology to students.

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