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Putting Customer Knowledge to Work for You

Posted by Kate Seat on 7/29/16 8:00 AM
Topics: Marketing to Students, customer service

Before they even walk in the door, many of your customers have already done their research. For example, if they're interested in buying a new device, they've probably already read product reviews, scanned customer ratings and compared prices. Webrooming (where a customer shops online, but purchases in-store) is becoming more common and it actually works in your favor. Kevin Cundiff explains how informed customers can help you make the sale in this Retail Minded post.

Putting Customer Knowledge to Work for You

Listen to what they know—and show them something they don’t

Although it sometimes might seem like it, having an educated customer isn’t a bad thing. Communicating with the customer to learn more about what they know can actually help you make the sale. Listen to the customer and tie their education back to something you know they want and that you can deliver. Who knows, you might even lead them to something they didn’t realize they needed!

Ditch the nonsense

We’ve all done it (or at least thought about doing it). You find yourself backed into a corner and your tried-and-true sales pitch isn’t working. So, you try to change the subject, or worse, make something up. Customers who’ve done their research know their stuff and can spot the phony baloney a mile away. A frantic sales pitch will cause more harm than good. If the facts aren’t with you, try playing to their ego. Acknowledge the effort your customer has made and find out what you can do to help make his or her purchase decision as informed as possible—even if it means pulling in outside resources.

— Kevin Cundiff, Retail Minded
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