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Quick (and Cheap!) Merchandising Tweaks

Posted by Kate Seat on 4/10/15 3:30 AM
Topics: college retail, merchandising, store design

Does your sales floor need a little attention? What about your displays? Refreshing your store's appearance is easy and affordable with these simple tips:

merchandising tweaks
Is your store easy to navigate?

When's the last time you walked around your store as if you were one of your customers? Being in the same environment day after day can make it tough to see what needs to be changed —especially if you take the exact same path every time you walk from one part of the sales floor to another. Every so often, it's very important to take stock of your store's appearance (inside and out) from your customers' perspective.

Luckily, there are some simple ways to give your store an upgrade, without spending a lot. We've selected a couple of easy tips to get you started, from a post by Nicole Reyhle on Retail Minded.

  • Use signage. Signage is a classic – and obvious – way to help capture customer attention. But the catch is how you create and use your signs. When preparing signage for your store, use consistency so that all your signage blends together. Using sign holders is a must, as well. Fun frames from a local home store are a great way to add character to your shop signage and overall environment. Simple plastic frames do the trick, as well. Tape holding your sign to a shelf? No. Please, no… no… no. This screams cheap and lazy to a customer, and unless your store can be defined as cheap and appealing to lazy folks, pass on the taped signage to your shelves, doors or walls. To sum it up, think clean, crisp and professional in appearance.
  • Use space. No one wants to feel jammed between one display and another. Give your customers some breathing room by creating an easy-to-walk, easy-to-shop environment. Optimal spaces that customers will naturally be drawn to include the space immediately to the right of your front door, anything within 4 1/2 and 6 feet high from the floor and island style fixtures. Research tells us that these retail points are among the most shopped, making them the most favorable opportunities for merchandising inventory. Evaluate your existing floor plan and rearrange necessary fixtures to accommodate this strategy. Remember to allow breathing room for your customers to comfortably enjoy your store. Comfort translates to sales, so there’s no time to spare here – get started in your store re-vamp in an effort to increase your register dollars.
Do you have a creative touch when it comes to your store's displays? We'd love to see (and share) what makes your store stand out!

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