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Reward Pinterest Followers with Exclusive Access

Posted by admin on 8/27/13 11:00 PM
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The following excerpt, from the article Neiman Marcus Entices Fashionistas With Exclusive Pinterest Handbag, was written by and published on Lacy describes a unique campaign that the store implemented to add incentive to following their Pinterest boards. Your store could easily do the same; what if you launched an exclusive t-shirt design (maybe created by a student!) and gave access to it only through Pinterest, directing your other social networks there to "unlock" the deal? The options are endless!

Learn more about how Neiman Marcus achieved this strategy below, and then read Lacy's full article for more details about why they pursued it and how they plan to build on it in the future.

Seeking new ways to engage and reward its social audience, as well as to broaden its reach on Pinterest, fashion retailer CUSP by Neiman Marcus made a new exclusive product -- the Rebecca Minkoff Elle handbag in red -- available only through Pinterest for a limited time.

The effort resulted in nearly 3,000 new followers, as well as a 20% increase in pinning and a 35 percent increase in repinning from Neiman's website, the brand says.

According to its website, CUSP is "a new contemporary concept by Neiman Marcus" that "hand delivers the latest must-haves" from designers and up-and-coming names in "hip store and online environments."

From July 30 to August 12, the red Elle was available for pre-sale on Neiman's Art of Handbags board.Neiman has 65,000 followers.

"We have the bag depicted on multiple social channels, but they're all linking to our Pinterest board," says Jean Scheidnes, social media managing editor for Neiman.

As of August 13, Scheidnes says the bag had not yet sold out. She declined to provide a figure for the number of bags sold through the initiative.

However, according to Apu Gupta, CEO of Pinterest and Instagram analytics firm Curalate, about 200 to 300 bags were available.

"I look at this as an interesting opportunity -- a user sees content and clicks through to land on a secret page on the Neiman Marcus website. [Consumers] cannot actually search for the page on Neiman Marcus, so [the brand knows] people are arriving on the page via this campaign," Gupta says. "I think that this is going to point toward interesting co-marketing opportunities in the future featuring brands on retailers' Pinterest boards in compelling ways."

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