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Rocktober Is Here, and so Is Our Field Force

Posted by Dean Asher on 10/17/16 9:52 AM
Topics: mbs announcements, mbs annual sales meeting, rocktober

The annual MBS sales meeting is upon us, and by the end of the week, your representatives will be even bigger rock stars than before.

Rocktober is Coming

It's the time of year when the MBS field force from far and wide returns to our Columbia, Missouri headquarters for a week of updates, refreshers, training and fun. This year's theme is "Rocktober," so everyone's teasing their hair and busting out their Mike Reno red leather pants that don't quite seem to fit anymore as they get ready for a crash course in the school of rock. By the end, they'll be even more prepared with the perfect answers to all of your questions about MBS services or the college retail industry.

Stay tuned for updates, and next time you see your rep, be sure to ask them what they performed during our karaoke night, if they won any prizes and what they learned to help your store!

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