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Schedule Some Spring Cleaning

Posted by Kate Seat on 4/3/15 4:28 AM
Topics: retail management, store design

Spring is traditionally the time to shake off the layer of dust accumulated over the winter and make everything look fresh and bright, just in time for warmer weather and longer days. For college stores, a little summer cleaning may make more sense, since that season tends to be a little slower. Regardless of when you choose to spruce things up, we've selected some pointers to get you started from "Retail Doctor" Bob Phibbs' blog. Read over the highlights below and then be sure to check out the rest of his 39 tips.


For your merchandise

  • Start in the stockroom and clean, organize and label. Any defectives need to get call tags or thrown out.
  • Dump or donate half-off holiday anything but especially edibles.
  • If you have not used an item in the last 2 seasons it is time to give it away or throw it away!
  • If you are in doubt, put them in a box, label it March 2015 and put it away. If you don’t open it in the next 12 months you donate or throw it out without opening March 2016.

For your physical space

  • Make spring cleaning a fun day. Invite all of your staff to come in cleaning clothes and supply them with colorful cleaning supplies (gloves, buckets, whatever). Make it fun! Provide lunch. Play loud fun music that everyone knows the words to sing to. Have a poster board with all of the things to get done and have them sign their names/initials when they have completed that area. Take photos along the way to post on Facebook (with a BIG thank you to them).
  • Buff and re-polish the floors.
  • Clean out the air vents in the ceiling. And especially the nasty shelves by the air vents.
  • Cleaning also goes for your office, you know no one has vacuumed the space behind the modem or printer in years.
  • Dust and clean the areas in your window displays..... Dead flies do not sell merchandise.
  • Wash light fixtures and the bulbs. If you have them, dust lampshades. If bulbs are out, replace them.
  • Wash doors and knobs.
  • Remove staples, tape and other remnants of decorations past. If window props are faded, replace.
  • Wash windows both inside and out.
  • Touch up any chipped or missing paint.
  • Check your smoke detector batteries.
  • Clean out and organize counter drawers.
  • Deep-clean employee refrigerator (including fridge coils).
  • Deep-clean your bathroom.
  • Reseal grout around sinks if necessary.
  • Clean or replace any mats or rugs as necessary.
Want even more ideas? Check out the suggestions in our Spring Cleaning monthly marketing plan!


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