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Secret Social Media Hacks

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 8/17/15 11:00 PM
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Running a successful social media account comes down to more than just posting or commenting. Really digging into the details of your different social platforms can take you from average to great in no time. In this post from Small Business Trends, they lay out 12 different things that your store can do to help aid in that transition. Check out an excerpt from the article below, and read all 12 of their tips here.


Customize What You Share With Whom

Don’t want Grandma to see that picture? Or that post that your boss could see? It’s easy with this simple hack:

secret social media hacks

After clicking on the tab to the left of “Post” you’ll pick the “More Options” and Facebook will pop up another page for you …

secret social media hacks

… Where you can enter in the name(s) or even entire lists of people you don’t want to share that post with.

Download Your Facebook Pictures

secret social media hacks

With the Pick&Zip app not only can you download all of your photos but you can also grab pictures that people have tagged you in. Not only for Facebook, but you can download pictures from Instagram and your Vine video clips! Here’s an added bonus … it’s free!

Hide from Your Annoying Friends?

Ever have that friend who the millisecond sees you pop online is blowing up your Facebook chat? Yeah, we all have a couple of those. But there is a hack for that!

It’s as simple as creating a specific list of people on Facebook that you can “Go Offline” to those people.

Thanks to Mashable for sharing the handy gallery of advanced Facebook settings to control your online status.


How to Pin Something from Facebook

Ah yes, a major source of frustration for many people. You can work around the problem with this hack.

Here you go:

  • Click on the Facebook picture you want to pin.
  • Right-click the image (or control + click on a Mac) and choose “Open Image in new tab” in the drop down menu that appears as shown below:

secret social media hacks

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