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Small Branding Moments That Can Have A Big Impact

Posted by admin on 11/6/13 10:00 PM
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The following excerpt is from the article 5 Small Branding Moments That Can Have A Big Impact, written by Julie Cottineau, founder of BrandTwist, and published on AMEX's Open Forum. View Cottineau's full article for more easy branding opportunities:

What moments can your company use to reinforce your brand and image? Here are a few ideas:

1. Packing or packaging slips/invoices. These give you the opportunity to connect at an unexpected moment and reinforce your brand promise. Consider including some fun encapsulation of what your brand stands for, as Lululemon does by printing "Do one thing a day that scares you" on the yoga clothing company's ubiquitous reusable shopping bags. If you don’t have a package to work with, consider adding a line or two of copy on a packaging slip or envelope liner.

2. Email signatures. With every email you send, you can bring your brand to life with a small twist to your signature. I love an email I saw from an employee at health-club chain Virgin Active South Africa who works in social media and includes his job title—Social Media Ninja—in his signature.

3. Wi-Fi password. Pret A Manger restaurant reinforces customers’ warm and satisfied experience every time they enter the Wi-Fi password “Toastie,” which is printed on receipts that are given with their orders. If customers are using Wi-Fi in your establishment, can you provide a password that also reinforces your brand message? These can be changed to reflect seasons or new product promotions.

4. Bills and receipts. Who says bills need to be boring? Express your brand with each transaction. Both paper and online email receipts offer a tiny moment that may be remembered long after a product's been paid for. Why not say something original, funny or inspiring in the header or footer of your receipt? Or include a note of sincere thanks for your customers' patronage and consider including a useful tidbit for your target. A monthly fitness center bill might be better received if it included some ideas about how to eat healthier or improve a workout. (Did you know you can customize your receipt on the MBS POS? See how!)

Think about the potential, mundane moments that could be twisted to surprise and delight your customers and create a stronger brand connection in the process. You don’t always need to spend big. Instead, spend smart by finding small branding moments that matter.

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