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Smart Ways to Use Snapchat for Business

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 7/13/15 11:00 PM
Topics: social media, snapchat

Using Snapchat is easy when it's just for yourself. All you have to do is snap pictures of whatever you want to share with your friends and family; you don't really have to think about it. But using it for your store is a bit trickier, even though most of your students use the platform. In this article from Hootsuite, they cover some effective ways to market your store through Snapchat. Check out the excerpt below, and read through the full article here!

Find new employees with Snapchat ‘challenges’

One of the more off-beat ways Snapchat has been used is in recruitment. Grubhub is a food delivery service that has made good use of Snapchat for marketing, but they also found a way to use it to attract new interns.

Grubhub posted a series of images to Snapchat showing interested candidates how to apply for a summer internship. Applicants needed to respond with a snap of their best doodle, showing their “Snapchat Skillz.” While this was a fun campaign that still appealed to their core audience, it also was relevant to the skillset they required from an applicant: an intimate knowledge of social networking tools, creativity, and brevity.


If you’re interested in recruiting young, social savvy staff members, this type of campaign can be easily duplicated by any business. Though it won’t work for many positions, this type of test or challenge is a very simple way to find your next social media manager.

Boost marketing campaigns, with teasers

Ten seconds isn’t a very long time. It is a perfect amount of time for a teaser though. Many brands in the entertainment industry have recognized this potential, and have teased new shows or movies on Snapchat.

The MTV Video Music Award nominees were announced in real-time on Snapchat last year, turning it into a second screen for fans following along on television. While promoting the film Pitch Perfect 2, Universal created a Snapchat account and supporting Tumblr page where they gathered snaps from the film set and shared other behind-the-scenes content. Finally, TV show Pretty Little Liars paired up with Audi to share exclusive behind-the-scenes content with Snapchat users during the premiere.

 Screenshot via the  Pitch Perfect 2 Tumblr page
Screenshot via the Pitch Perfect 2 Tumblr page

Obviously, the application of teasers comes easy to entertainment brands. So what about your business? The truth is, everyone wants to see what happens behind the scenes. If you’re filming a commercial or ad to support your business, share some unfiltered content from the production process. Better yet, share bloopers with your Snapchat audience. Launching a new service or course? Share a few teaser clips to get people interested in signing up. Or, get inspired by Audi and pair up with a local celebrity or event and share exclusive footage.

The teaser is not a new approach to marketing, but on Snapchat, this access gains a personal feel, like you’re sharing it exclusively with that individual follower. This is a powerful tool for attracting new followers and keeping people interested in your account and marketing campaigns.

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