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Smokin’ the Pig – Your Place at the Wantlisting Table

Posted by Rob Heller on 3/19/14 11:00 PM
Topics: textbook rush, used books, college store stories, textbook affordability

The following excerpt is from a blog written by MBS Rep Rob Heller. Check out all his entertaining entries here!

Mmmmm, take a deep breath. That‘s pig you smell. Slow cooked over embers, pig you smell. There’s not a much better scent in this world than some hardwood, smoked pig. Yankee Candle doesn’t have a smoked pig scent ‘cause there’s no duplicating that aroma. Mmmmm!

You ever been driving through the Carolina sticks and smelled you some pig? Whether it’s smothered in a Midlands mustard, or a fine Eastern Carolina vinegar base, we just seem to know how to bring it down here.

Have you tried to get a table around dusk on a Saturday night? You better hope those fireflies are lighting from the tall grass because that’s where you’re walking from. The good parking places are long gone. It’ll be far dark under a Carolina moon before you get served. You’re not the only one that smelled pig tonight.

Sometimes in life the best things are popular. It’s true of smoked pigs and used textbooks.

Many stores wait until all their adoptions are collected before they send their first wantlist to MBS. Why? Some store wait until after semester exams to submit their request. Why? The doors are open now.

With today’s college bookstore industry, students expect used textbooks. Are you meeting these expectations? By delaying your wantlist submission, others are accessing your place at the table. Once you have a firm adoption you need to be sourcing those used textbooks.

There is a finite time when wantlisting is optimal. That time is now. You want to be first in line. You want to hit that fresh inventory like it’s a pig just coming off the coals.

You can smell the pig; you can talk about going, but until you show-up the benefits are limited. Ensure your plate is full by wantlisting without delay.

Mmmmm, wantlisting!

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