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Social Media Expert's Predictions for the Future of Marketing

Posted by Dean Asher on 9/16/16 5:00 AM
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A social media strategy is a must-have for any college retailer who wants to reach their busy students, but as platforms make change after change to their profile layouts, algorithms and other important factors that affect outreach, staying ahead of the curve is a challenge for busy industries like ours.

Luckily, Shopify recently provided some stellar insight from a number of experts in social media marketing on how to most effectively leverage sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when communicating with customers. We've included an excerpt of their interview of Rand Fishkin, founder of SEO company Moz, but be sure to view the original article in full for more great insight from eight other social media marketing pros.

Social Media Expert's Predictions for the Future of Marketing

What is the biggest change/challenge you foresee in the near future of social media marketing?

Standing out from the crowd, amidst an increasingly noisy, competitive field. People only have so much time in their day to consume media and content, and social channels are fast becoming overwhelmed.

The deficit of attention means content creators and social marketers will need to be massively more unique, more valuable, and earn more loyalty from their audiences in order to maintain or grow their presences.

What channel should entrepreneurs be keeping their eyes on and why?

Facebook’s organic (and even paid) reach is getting much tougher. Video is working a little better, but everything else is working less well. Instagram is finally seeing some decline in participation/reach as well, after years of being the outlier. I’m also suspicious of whether Snapchat can maintain its reach and engagement numbers long term, especially for brands rather than individuals.

On the upswing side, podcasts look like they’re continuing to grow and be a remarkable channel for attention. I think that’s got a lot of growth, perhaps up until self-driving cars take over.

What’s your #1 piece of advice for entrepreneurs who are starting from scratch with their social media marketing plan?

Find the intersection of three things:

  1. Channels where your customers and their influencers are actually active and paying attention
  2. Channels where you can provide unique value beyond what anyone else is doing
  3. Channels where you have personal passion and interest.

If you meet those criteria, you can have a real shot at great social marketing. If not, it might pay to pursue other investments and leave social until you can find those intersects or hire folks who can.

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