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Social Media Posting Benchmarks

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 3/3/15 9:30 PM
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How often a company posts on social media depends largely on the type of industry you're in. It stands to reason that newspapers put out more social media content than accounting firms. So what are the benchmarks for the education and retail industries? Well we've included those two below. If you're interested in how they each stack up against other industries, we encourage you to read this entire post from Hubspot's blog. How does your store measure up? Let us know!

5) Nonprofit / Education

How much do they post?

The nonprofit / education industry definitely devotes time to posting frequently on social media. This is one of the reasons social media is such a hot topic in that industry: It’s a marketing channel you don’t necessarily need to sink any budget into, making it easy for budget-strapped organizations to clearly take advantage of this (as they should). Here’s how the nonprofit / education industry breaks down when you look at their weekly posting strategy:


Where and what are they posting?

What’s interesting about this industry is their use of Facebook. Of all the industries included in our benchmarks report, this one has the lowest percentage of companies in the <1 range for Facebook, and the second highest percentage of companies in the 10+ range for average Facebook posts. So this means that although this industry starts out posting to Facebook, they’re the only industry in our group that really keeps this trend up.

What's the key takeaway?

If you’re in the nonprofit / education industry, don’t forget that images can be a powerful addition to your social media posts. From the graph above, you can see the percentage of posts with images start to significantly dip after you’ve posted at least 10 times a week. I’d encourage you, if you’re in this industry, to challenge this finding. If you’re taking the time to create content for social media, make sure you’re getting some graphic creation in there, too.

8) Consumer Goods / Retail / Ecommerce

How much do they post?

The consumer goods / retail / ecommerce industry, out of all the industries in our report, has the second lowest overall post per week average, tweet per week average, and image per post per week. Let’s get straight to the graph on this one -- here’s how the this industry breaks down when you look at posts per week:



Where and what are they posting?

Even though this industry’s posting frequency is low, it has the fourth highest Facebook posts per week out of the nine industries featured in our report. Facebook is a great platform for this industry given its features, such as the ability to create photo albums of your goods or to easily refer people to your brand by Facebook's native sharing mechanism. So even though this industry doesn’t post a lot to social media, it seems like it gravitates towards the platform that’s right for them. Also, the importance of images in posts seems to drop off after a company has posted once or twice per week.

What's the key takeaway?

If you’re in the consumer goods / retail / ecommerce industry, see if you can find new and unique ways to share information about your goods. This could be challenging given the fact that the posting frequency for this industry is low, but I’ll still challenge you nonetheless. Even if you don’t have new inventory to take pictures of, or new features to share with your audience, you can still post content that answers common questions or concerns that arise around your industry.

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