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Social Snapping: How Brands are Embracing SnapChat

Posted by admin on 3/25/14 11:00 PM
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The following excerpt is from the article Social Snapping: How Five Brands are Embracing Ephemeral Marketing, written by , and published on Baiseden describes the growing trend of SnapChat and how brands are taking advantage of the service to connect with consumers. As a college store, your target market is engaged with SnapChat on a daily basis, making it a great tool for you to incorporate into your social strategy. Check out how three big brands are utilizing the app below, then read Baisden's full article for more inspiration.

Quick and fleeting, photo messaging application Snapchat has becoming a growing force with brands wanting to test the power of Ephemeral Marketing.

Combined with the rapid advancement of mobile technology, the continuous growth of app updates such as stories and text editing features are giving brands more opportunity and creative room to develop engaging campaigns.

From hosting giveaways to providing behind-the-scenes footage, here are a few brands that are making their mark as social snappers:


$6E1E658A4E1BE51McDonald’s is one of the most recent big name brands to join the snapchat crowd, and has been using the apps stories feature to connect a series of individual snaps into a overarching storyline, which at the end unveiled their newest product line.

On top of developing a creative story, they also heavily promoted their new account by announcing their profile addition throughout social platforms. One of the major downfalls of Snapchat for brands is the ability to only have your snaps viewed by your followers, so to generate interest they took the time in advance of the product announcement to encourage user adds and build curiosity.


Mashable not only provides an insight into life at the company, but allows followers to discover their artistic outlet (and test their skills). With weekly Snapchat challenges, the news website encourages users to get creative for a chance to be featured in a future story.


Some of the most creative snaps have come from food delivery guide Grubhub, who have developed exclusive promotion codes and contest stories in an effort to drive sales.

Does your store use SnapChat? Tell us how in the comments section!


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