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Some Social Media Tips for 2015

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 1/5/15 10:00 PM
Topics: social media

Was improving your store's social media presence on your New Year's resolutions list this winter? Whether it was or not, we want to give you a hand. Over at Hootsuite's blog, author and social media expert Evan LePage has compiled a list of suggestions to help your improve your social media profiles. We've excerpted a bit of LePage's article below, and you can find his entire article here.

Set better social media goals

Part of not letting your social accounts fall by the wayside means setting better, more appropriate goals. Many businesses don’t even set social media goals, and just update their accounts where they see fit. Others set goals that are unrealistic, or inappropriate for the network in question. If your social media goal is to drive 100 enterprise sales leads a week through Instagram, you probably need to take a step back.

To start off 2015, set goals that you can actually achieve. These goals should contribute or be aligned with your broader business goals, but they should still be very much catered to the individual social networks in question. On Instagram, a more reasonable goal might be to create a branded hashtag, and attract at least 10 user-generated photos per week using that hashtag. This goal is achievable. This goal can also contribute to broader goals, like increasing engagement around your brand or increasing the flow of user-generated content.

By investing time and effort into setting better goals this year, you’re not only increasing your chances of success, you’re also setting realistic expectations for your team, your executives, and anyone else you’re accountable to.

Build a Twitter list and actually follow it

Did you feel a little behind the trends in 2014? Did you get an Ello account when everyone already left it behind? Or did your Facebook reach suffer because you missed out on the newest algorithm changes? Maybe you just missed some major industry news and your competitors jumped on it.

Social media is so often seen as a valuable publishing tool while its powerful listening capabilities goes underutilized. You’re missing news and information while you’re busy to some of the most timely information networks ever.

To do a better job of staying on top of news and trends this year, make a point of building out a new Twitter list. Research some of the biggest experts in your field—the people that break the news, not the ones that repost it an hour later—and add them to your list. Find social media experts and news websites and drop them in a list, so that you’re on top of new networks and techniques as they arrive on the scene. And add a little calendar reminder to check your lists regularly. My lists are the first thing I see when I sign into Hootsuite. Think about whether this approach would help you.

Update your profiles

How many times have you updated your social media profiles, ever? Once? Twice? I’m not talking about a new profile picture, I mean going through every bit of information within your profile, from your contact information to your interests. Is your email up-to-date? Your phone number? Your interests?

Profiles are so easily neglected. We rarely go back and update the dozens and dozens of fields that make up a profile. Set aside time and do that, today. You might be surprised at all the fields that are out-of-date or just blank.

If you want to know how to improve your profiles, check out our guide.

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