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Stats That Will Help Your Store Make a Bigger Impact on Instagram

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 6/14/16 4:00 AM
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Instagram is in a tight battle with Facebook Messenger and Snapchat for the title of "most popular messaging app among millenials." You're surely aware of its popularity at some level; it would be difficult to spend time around college students, as you do, without taking notice. And while knowing Instagram is helpful to a small extent, it doesn't necessarily help you, the college bookstore, utilize the platform in the best way possible. Fortunately, the folks at Hubspot have compiled some of the stats you need to know if you're to get the most out of your Instagram account:

Instagram Stats

12) In 2015, 59% of Instagram users used the platform daily, including 35% who visited several times a day. This 59% figure reflects a 10-point increase from September 2014, when 49% of Instagram users reported visiting the site on a daily basis.

13) It was predicted that more than one-third of mobile phone users (roughly 89.4 million Americans) will be on Instagram at least once a month in 2016. By 2017, an estimated 51.8% of social network users will use Instagram.

14) More than 75% of Instagram's user base consists of people living outside of the U.S.

23) On Instagram, images with a high amount of negative space generate 29% more Likes than those with minimal negative space.

24) On Instagram, images featuring blue as the dominant color generate 24% more Likes than images that are predominantly red.

39) The most common posting frequency for brands on Instagram is 11–20 times per month, with almost one-third of companies measured falling into that bucket.

40) 90% of the Interbrand 100 companies now have Instagram accounts. Of all 100 companies, 80% post at least one Instagram photo or video per week.

41) Of the Interbrand 100 companies, the number of brands that post on Instagram more than 50 times per month has doubled from 7 in 2014 to 14 in 2015.

— Lindsay Kolowich, Hubspot
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