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Students Still Prefer Print Textbooks Over Digital

Posted by admin on 4/3/14 11:00 PM
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The following excerpt is from an article written by Jake New, Editor, and published on eCampus News. New offers important insight into recent studies on student textbook preferences and the reasons behind the research. Check out the details below then view the full article for further details on the studies.

College students still prefer print textbooks over digital textbooks, partially because they can’t resell e-books at the end of a semester, a new study found.

The report, released by the National Association of College Stores, was based on a survey of 12,000 college students from 20 campuses around the country.

“A majority of college students still prefer print textbooks over digital, though many would opt for including a digital component with the textbook if given the choice,” the researchers said.

Eight percent of the survey’s respondents said that they have bought at least one print textbook as a student, but only 20 percent said they had bought a digital textbook. At the same time, more than 40 percent said they would be interested in digital textbooks if it was paired with a print option.

Indeed, more than half of the students said they had purchased print/digital bundles.

“The most popular reason students cited for purchasing print instead of digital-based course materials was a particular preference for print over electronic,” the researchers said.

Other reasons included digital materials being unavailable for the class, losing access to the materials at the end of the term, cost, and the inability to resell digital materials — a noteworthy explanation as digital textbooks are often marketed as cheaper alternatives.

Earlier studies have also suggested that students’ tendency toward print is not always just based on preference.

A study released by Educause found that faculty and students seem to agree that digital course materials will figure heavily in the future of higher education, but instructors are struggling to find the time and support to actually adopt eTextbooks in the classroom.


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