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Telling a Story with Twitter's New Photo Collages

Posted by Stephanie Kubas on 4/1/14 11:00 PM
Topics: social media

The following excerpt is from the article Brands Experiment With Twitter's New Photo Collages written by and published on AdAge. Delo offers information on Twitter's newest feature and how it provides a big opportunity for brands to connect with fans. Check out the information below, then read his full article for more examples of how big brands are utilizing it.

Twitter announced earlier this week that it would start letting users share up to four photos within a single tweet, as well as tag up to 10 other users in a photo in a Facebook-like way.

Some early-adopting brands are already experimenting with the ability to share more photos -- which appear in a collage format underneath the text of a tweet -- and effectively pack their tweets with more content.

The new features are a continuation of Twitter's efforts to give tweets more visual impact and another step away from the spareness and simplicity the service was known for back when a post could include only 140 characters and nothing else.

In October, Twitter introduced "media-forward timelines," a design change that caused photos to automatically display in users' streams. Previously, a user needed to click on a link to see a photo.

The change let users and brands take up more space in people's tweet streams. Now photo collages have the potential to let them do more storytelling with the space they have and go well beyond the former 140-character boundary.

Take a look at an early adopter:

General Electric
Perennial early adopter GE gathers artful photographs of heavy machinery. It was also first to experiment with Twitter's line breaks when it promoted a tweet for Pi Day last year.


Has your store used this feature or do you have an idea in mind for utilizing it in the future? Share it with other stores in the comments section below.

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