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The 10 Stages of Receiving Adoptions, Told Through GIFs

Posted by Kate Seat on 3/18/16 3:15 AM
Topics: buyback, MBS Systems inSite, Marketing to Students

The 10 Stages of Adoptions, Told Through GIFs

1. Knowing you and your staff are about to get really, really busy

2. Trying to coordinate with faculty over the phone

3. ...and via email

4. ...or, if you're lucky, your adoptions are uploaded through inSite

5. Trying to source as many used books as possible

6. All those titles tho...

7. Your appreciation of receiving on-time adoptions

8. No really, you can’t thank your faculty enough for their effort

9. And finally, being able to relax knowing you will have textbooks available for the first day of classes

10. Just kidding, it's almost time for buyback!

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