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The Best Practices for Facebook Contests

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 12/15/15 2:27 AM
Topics: social media, facebook

Facebook contests are a great way to get your customers involved with your store without actually making them come visit you in person. But doing it correctly might require a bit more work than you think. In this blog post from Hootsuite, they run down a quick list of the 6 best practices for turning your next Facebook contest into a hit. Check out an excerpt below, or give the article a full read!

2. Keep things simple and make it easy to participate

Make sure your contest is easy to enter. Create simple rules which are easy to follow. Then make sure that they are visible on your Facebook page.


This is how Dazeinfo structured their Facebook trivia contest:

  1. Posted 10 questions that tested participants on their knowledge of the technology industry in India. Participants were then sent to the Dazeinfo website for 30 seconds to find answers to the trivia questions.

  2. Participants who answered all the questions correctly were rewarded with a prize

This clever tactic gave participants a peek at the Dazeinfo website, like a teaser marketing campaign. At the end of the contest, participants were given the option to sign up for the e-newsletter.

3. Pick a giveaway that resonates with your audience

What would make someone participate in your contest? Make sure you have a reward that feels like fair compensation for their time and effort.

One of the top best practices for Facebook contests is to give away one big or many small prizes to participants. How many prizes should you give away? Here are some options to help you decide:

Option 1: Participants who successfully complete the challenge get a prize.

Option 2: Everyone who successfully completes the challenge is entered into a draw. One lucky person wins a prize.

Option 3: The first participant to successfully complete the challenge wins the big prize. Everyone else gets a consolation prize.

But what makes for a good giveaway? It needs to be something your audience will value. Make sure you pick the right incentives. If it’s tied to your business, even better.

What did Dazeinfo giveaway as part of their Facebook contest?

Being a technology content website, they gave away vouchers to a popular online store that sells electronic gadgets, among other things.

4. Leverage all your social channels to promote your contest

Most businesses are present on multiple social networks—all of this constitutes a brand’s owned media. Make sure you’re making the most of your existing channels and owned media. This helps promote your contest to fans and followers on social networks outside of Facebook.

But how often should you be promoting your contest?

During their Facebook contest, Dazeinfo posted a contest update every 90 minutes on at least one of their social networks. Using Hootsuite, the team was able to pre-plan and schedule those updates to free up time for direct engagements with participants.

“Startups can’t work 24/7. But by using Hootsuite we’re able to provide helpful content to our audiences around the clock.”

— Amit Misra, Dazeinfo CEO and Founder

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