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The MBS Systems Dashboard — Making Your Tough Decisions Easy as Pie

Posted by Jason Smallheer on 9/22/16 5:00 AM
Topics: MBS Systems, business intelligence

You make business decisions daily, sometimes based on a gut feeling or a dinner conversation from the night before. How much product should I order? What will my sales look like tomorrow? Do I have enough people on the schedule? Making the wrong call can not only cost you money, it can lay the foundation for you going out of business.


You want to know how much product you should have on hand. Were you busy this time last year? What about the year before? Enter MBS Systems Dashboard.

"It is a 'pie in the sky' product," said MBS Senior Systems Sales Consultant Victor Hoffman. "Begin by asking yourself, 'What is the information I am looking for daily?'" 

You can now analyze your sales year over year, per terminal, dive deeper into which hours need more staffing, and place all the data into easy-to-understand graphs or spreadsheets. You may see that sales were slow, and traditionally have been during a specific period.

"You can even look at several pieces of criteria and change a few of the variables," Hoffman said. "It gives you customized reporting like you've never had before."

By using Dashboard, you can avoid spending money on excess product that would be sitting on your shelves gathering dust and costing you money. The system has tools, customized for your business, supported on actual data from your store which will enable you to make these decisions with confidence.

“It’s a business analytics tool,” said Todd Wetton, MBS Systems director of systems support services. “It can be manipulated in many ways, giving you data for a particular day or date range.”

It's fall rush. Take a look at your data and you can see the day started off slow, but by 11 a.m. you had crowds that rivaled that of an Apple Store on iPhone release day. Employees standing around with nothing to do cost you money. On the flip side, not having enough staff on the clock leads to customer dissatisfaction, and winning new customers is just as costly. Using Dashboard, you will be able to see your sales volume per hour, easily set up the right schedule and ensure customer satisfaction based on costumer volume.

Todd Oseby, former purchasing and auxiliary supervisor for Century College, said Dashboard was a logical choice because of the flexibility it offers.

“I equate it to going into a convenience store for something you need, rather than a grocery store, he said. “It’s quick, easy, and has exactly what you are looking for.”

MBS Systems Dashboard is tailored to you and your business. The data you see belongs to you.

"What Excel spreadsheets do you have from your current system?" Hoffman said. "We can put it into a report for you."

“It really lets you drill down to see what constitutes specific numbers,” Wetton said. “It gives you what you need to run a business more efficiently and data to show administration before making some decisions.”

Industries change and customer behaviors shift. With Dashboard at your disposal, you will be able to peel back the layers of your data and see the shifts happening before the competition does.

“The robust reporting feature makes it so simple for me to get the information I need and make decisions,” said John Bales, director of the University of Idaho VandalStore. “This level of managerial reporting will truly impact change at the store and help us to continually grow.”

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