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The MMP MVPs of 2015

Posted by Kate Seat on 12/16/15 1:00 AM
Topics: MBS Monthly Marketing Plans, Marketing to Students

We enjoy working on every aspect of Foreword Online, but one of our favorite sections has to be the monthly marketing plans. Not only are they fun to brainstorm and plan, the best part has to be seeing how all of you college stores put them into action. So as 2015 winds down, we thought it was the perfect time to review the most popular plans from the last twelve months.

Without further ado, here are our top five marketing plans from 2015:

#5 July 2015: Spread the Word on Student Savings

July 2015

You and your staff know all the ways you try to provide cost-savings in the bookstore. But do your students or the campus? Probably not. Maybe they have some vague idea, but rare is the student that is fully aware of all the ways you help them save and has not bought into the myth that college bookstores are wildly overpriced. So with that in mind, we want you to get out there and educate them; show them what they don’t know!


#4 April 2015: The Greatest Deals on Earth


Students look forward to buyback all semester. Not only do they have the opportunity to get some cash by selling their books back, but buyback also symbolizes that summer vacation is right around the corner. So take advantage of their excitement by making this your biggest event of the year and the greatest buyback ever. Basically, turn your buyback into a (organized) circus!


#3 August 2015: Laugh Off Bookstore Misconceptions by Reading Mean Tweets

Laugh Off Bookstore Misconceptions

In a perfect world, every customer interaction would be … well, perfect. Satisfied shoppers would leave your store with a smile, vowing to return soon to purchase more. Then, they’d promptly tweet, like, post and rate their experience on any/all social networks they patronize, encouraging their friends and family members to also visit your store to buy copious amounts of merchandise.


#2: January 2015: Galentine’s Day Celebration!


You’re back for a new term and love is in the air. For many students, they’ll be spending time with their significant others this Valentine’s Day, but other students will be winging it solo. Court your single students — and your local business community — with a Galentine’s Day or Guys Night In.


#1 May 2015: Have Fun this Summer with an Awkward Photo Contest


Remember when it was easy to hide embarrassing photos? All you had to do was burn a handful of yearbooks and no one was the wiser about your Beanie Baby obsession or just how often you sported that awful trucker hat. These days, it seems like everything is fair game as all those old pictures are given new life on the Internet. Sharing awkward photos has become a popular trend over the last few years, inspiring blogs, books and car commercials (not to mention a multitude of both sincere and snarky recreations).


Did your store use these or any of our other marketing plans in 2015? Let us know in the comments and we'll feature you in an upcoming College Store Story!

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