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The Newest Way to Gain Interaction on Instagram

Posted by admin on 9/11/13 11:00 PM
Topics: social media, instagram, contests

The following article was written by for Weissman describes the newest way brands are using Instagram: for scavenger hunts! Heineken debuted the idea for an adult crowd, given their target audience, but there's no reason you couldn't tailor it to your store with a theme that suits your campus. Check it out!

You can Pin it “to win it,” and you can crowdsource your Instagram stop-motion shorts and Vine videos. Now add the Instagram scavenger hunt to a growing list of innovative branded visual media campaigns.

Heineken, a sponsor of the US Open, has created an Instagram photo scavenger hunt to give its fans a chance to win two tickets to the US Open Men’s Final.

The contest, created with the help of agency Weiden + Kennedy New York, begins today and is called “Crack the US Open.” To get access to the special Instagram scavenger hunt board, you must be 21 and over and you have to follow @Crack_the_US _Open on Instagram. What is neat about this use of Instagram is that it turns the Instagram feed into a mosaic tool. To play, you have to go to @Crack_the_US _Open on Instagram and then turn your phone 90 degrees to view the special panoramic, mosaic image of tennis fans in the stadium. Scroll through the over 200 stadium images and read the image captions to find scavenger hunt clues.

The first clue will be shared on the official @Heineken_US Instagram and Twitter accounts, along with a codeword that you need to claim the winning tickets. To win, you have to follow the clues that will lead you to different images in the stadium mosaic, and then you have to be the first one to find the last photo and enter the correct codeword in the comments.

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