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The Phoenix Bookstore Encourages Students to Treat Yo' Self

Posted by admin on 5/6/14 11:00 PM
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Loyalty programs are one of the best ways to gain repeat business. However, the key to their success is ensuring students not only know about the program but also take advantage of it. In an effort to increase awareness of their program and the benefits it offers, The Phoenix Bookstore at University of Wisconsin – Green Bay recently held a Treat Yo’ Self Day.


Themed around the popular saying from NBC’s hit comedy show Parks and Recreation, the event was an opportunity for students to redeem their existing reward points. The store’s loyalty program, Phlash Rewards, had nearly 2000 students who had accrued enough points to receive a gift card, but had not yet been by the store to turn them in. They took the opportunity to gain some traffic and say thank you to their customers all at once.

“We invited all eligible students to come redeem their Phlash Rewards in the store,” explained Sue Machuca, Marketing and Events Coordinator. “We set up six computer stations where they could login to their inSite account and redeem their Phlash points for a gift card. Then, they could pick up their gift card at our Customer Service counter.”

Students also received a coupon for their next purchase as well as free coffee and brownies just for stopping by. In total, the store had 90,250 Phlash Rewards points redeemed that day totaling around $1,805 in gift cards.

“It was an easy and inexpensive way to thank our customers for their business. Many students didn’t realize that they had reward points saved up or how quickly they accrued,” she described. “Most people ended up spending more than their gift card, so sales were pretty decent that day too. They had fun, we had fun; it was just an all around positive experience!”

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