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Thinking Outside the Walls: 3 Tips to Select the Right Mobile POS for Your Store

Posted by Dean Asher on 11/9/16 12:00 PM
Topics: MBS Systems, retail technology, mobile POS

Your store doesn't have to end at your four walls. To remain more competitive, increase brand awareness and boost your customer base, you need to be mobile.

Thinking Outside the Walls: 3 Tips to Select the Right Mobile POS for Your Store

That's why many POS providers today offer a wide variety of mobile solutions for your store. With so many to choose from on the market, it can be hard to make a decision. Here are three key features, tools and distinctions to look for when considering a mobile POS for your store, along with real-life examples of success stores like yours have had with their solution.

1. Find a solution that's truly mobile

A great mobile POS solution will let you take your store anywhere — regardless of whether you're connected directly to the same network as your POS server.

The Wichita State University Bookstore utilized their mobile POS solution to take their store all the way from Wichita, Kansas, to St. Louis in order to take advantage of large numbers of alumni and fans congregating there for the Missouri Valley Tournament in March 2015. Between St. Louis' Ballpark Village and the hotel fans in the official alumni watch group stayed in, the store pulled the equivalent of two strong homegame sales in just six hours.

2. Make sure your mobile POS is easy to use

 The thought of implementing a new tool to your checkout process might seem overwhelming. Between learning the system yourself and training your staff to be able to use it, the cost in time alone can seem like a deterrent. That doesn't have to be the case: by using a tool that's functionality and interface mirror your stationary registers, you can pick up your sales and go.

"The transition to using MBS' Mobile POS is seamless. There's no learning curve, since it operates so closely to the register POS. You can put someone on it and have them up and going within minutes."

-—Scott Swane, business manager, UMASS Store - Amherst

3. A good mobile POS should be flexible

No two stores are identical. Each have their own unique strengths, customer bases, challenges and needs. Why should your mobile solution be a one-size-fits-all setup? How "mobile" can a mobile POS be if its usage and features are strictly confined to a few specific setups or scenarios?

The University of St. Thomas Bookstore was able to use its mobile POS not only as a sales tool, but as a way to streamline the store's fulfillment strategy. Download this free case study to see how store staff went beyond simply checking customers out away from the register and wirelessly picked inventory and immediately verified and approved orders with their mobile solution.

University of St. Thomas: Breaking Traditional Retail Boundaries with Mobile Solutions

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