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Three Features Your POS Needs to Have

Posted by Dean Asher on 7/21/16 5:00 AM
Topics: retail technology, customer loyalty

Your POS is important to your store. It's your lifeline at the counter, allowing you to quickly and efficiently process sales and look up information for your customers. But the days of POS systems being glorified cash registers are long gone. Now it's no longer a point of sale — it's a full-blown point of service. With that in mind, college retail POS systems provide a lot of different features to your store. Retail Minded broke down some of the must-have features that your store needs to look for in a POS solution.

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Customer Data

CRM or Customer Relations Management is an important aspect of all retail businesses. Since you are dealing with your customers directly, if you are able to take good care of your frequent customers, they will remain your loyal customers for longer periods and also bring in more referrals with their happy reviews. You can also offer special discounts or schemes to regular customers which will make them happier. You can use the data for sending special mailers and newsletters to your esteemed customers informing them of latest product additions and new store premises opening.

Reporting and analytics

Any digital data is useful when you can draw meaningful reports and analytics from them. Real-time sales data and accounting reports or profitability reports are the best ways to make sure you stay on the right track. Any downward trends should be alerted immediately which you can tackle immediately by analyzing the reasons and taking corrective actions. Analytical reports such as items that sell more, mapping the customer or locations to the sales and similar other data that can help you concentrate more on the weaker locations or sections to improve your position there can be a great help to boost your sales.


Mobility matters these days, as people prefer to buy on the go. Most of the people prefer to place their orders while they are traveling by bus or train which you should be able to fulfill on the go too. Time matters a lot and people do not have time to wait for order confirmation. Even if you are out of town, your mobile POS app will make sure your orders can be processed from anywhere at any time.

Nicole Reyhle, Retail Minded
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