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Three Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Store and Inventory

Posted by Dean Asher on 2/24/16 10:00 PM
Topics: retail management

Springtime is right around the corner — and after the weather much of the U.S. had this winter, it couldn't come sooner. This means that in addition to the days getting longer and the temperatures getting warmer, people will be cleaning up their homes and work spaces as spring cleaning takes hold. Campus retailers needn't be an exception. Retail Minded shares three tips businesses can use to get in the spirit of spring cleaning , both for your store and your stock room. See the full post here.

Spring cleaning at your storeSpring Cleaning Tip #1: Identify Winter Merchandise You Can Put On Sale

Too often, retailers hold onto inventory well into the next season… missing their opportunity to sell it while it is still currently in need. Instead of doing this, identify what winter inventory you need to get rid of (use your POS data for this… that’s what it’s there for) and then schedule a sale on items that aren’t worth storing until next year (most aren’t, FYI). Old inventory weighs down your open to buy dollars… and prevents you from running a smart, retail savvy business. Wish leads us to our next tip…

Spring Cleaning Tip #2: Look Ahead To Other Store Responsibilities & Make A Plan Of Attack

With brighter days and warmer temperatures on our horizon, there’s no better time than to plan your updated store windows, in-store events, local marketing efforts and employee training. Schedule time for these responsibilities and more so that you can be sure your to-do-list is well managed. And of course, the real reason is because you want to have a successful Spring… which means giving all the details to your business some TLC is in order.

Spring Cleaning Tip #3: Tidy Up Your Retail Storage Space

For some, storage is limited. For others, storage is so generous that it becomes a mess because it can. And yet for others, tidy and organized is the only way to roll. Let’s aim to be like those that like things spic and span in an effort to get your store organized as we prepare for Spring. Spend a few hours – or more – tidying up your storage space, whether this space is visible to customers or not. Toss things that are broken (hangers often fall into this category), donate inventory, fixtures or other items you have neglected and ignored for too long and aim to make your storage space as good looking as your retail sales floor. Arrange merchandise, packaging supplies and marketing materials so you can easily see what you have, as well. It’s amazing how much more you will appreciate these items – and use them with ease, also. And while you’re at it, take the time to sort receipts (it’s tax time too, you know) and get any pending invoices and other paper work in order.

Finally, walk your sales floor and try to look at it from a consumers perspective. What can you do to improve on your in-store experience as Spring approaches? Add this to your to-do-list, as well.

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