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Three Ways to Make Your Store Run Smoothly Next Year

Posted by Dean Asher on 12/3/15 2:47 AM
Topics: retail management

Our marketing plan this month may put a new spin on a classic tradition, but that shouldn't stop you from celebrating the New Year with an old-fashioned resolution (or three.) Retail Minded is making it easy this year, with three great ways to make changes at your store for the better in 2016. Read some excerpts here, but be sure to check out the whole article.



Promote efficiency throughout your business and lead by example. This may mean spending less time on your pre-work ritual. Welcome employees warmly but quickly. Get your coffee, settle in, read emails, check messages, and create a to-do list in fifteen minutes. This may sound ambitious, but these are all simple tasks that can be done quickly if you commit to better prioritizing your time. If you succeed with this efficient morning ritual, it is more easily implemented business-wide. By your example, employees will see efficiency as part of the company’s culture, and when promoted, will follow suit.

Business Security & Employee Safety

The best employees are irreplaceable. Make your business safer for employees, customers, and yourself. A robust antivirus on all computers is a must.

Protect your location as well. Install security cameras throughout your office. This can prevent break-ins, but also adds peace of mind for employees who spend long hours in the workplace.

Social Media

Social media often feels like a jungle. Start slow, spend your time on the most accessible platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Schedule time for yourself to learn and understand how businesses can best utilize these social tools. Don’t spam your business on these platforms. Instead supplement your message with complementary services, deals, and promotions. For instance, if you own a clothing store, promote winter scarves and hats with the latest deals for local lift tickets at the nearest ski resort. When you draw parallels between your products and the services or products of others, customers see that your business provides a tangible service, and one helpful in their everyday lives.

Social media is a community and customers want to see that you are invested in that community. Interact with others on these platforms for ideas on how you can better serve customers. When people see that their feedback is acted upon, they’ll feel more invested in your business and happier to shop there.

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