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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Facebook Page

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 9/28/15 11:00 PM
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Running a business page on Facebook can be frustrating - sometimes to the point where people just want to quit. That's because it can feel like Facebook is constantly changing their features and policies, which makes it hard for people with busy schedules to keep up. But before you give up, there are a few things you need to try and focus on. In this article from The Huffington Post, Nicky Rees lists out some of her most helpful tips and tricks for rejuvenating a struggling Facebook page. Check out an excerpt below, or click the link here and give it a full read!

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Facebook Page

3. The money is in the list: Facebook likes do not equal sales!! Once you get your ideal customers to your page your next task is to get them signed up to your email list. Your email list is truly the most powerful marketing tool you can have and it is so important that you focus on continually building this and sending out regular emails with content that your ideal customers will love. Another important reason for building your list is that you never have to rely on Facebook alone for your marketing, as once they are on your list you have full control over your marketing. Offering fans a fab freebie is an amazing way to build your list. (For more info on this take a look at my blog on 'Why You Need To Start Building Your List Today!')

4. You can never share too much: Don't be afraid to share too much — the more amazing content you share, the more you position yourself as an expert and gain credibility. It's fine to share your own content and content from other people, but always make sure it is stuff that your ideal customer is going to love. (Tip: sharing content from pages with a big fan base can really help to increase your reach) Mix up your posts by sharing tips of the day, blog posts, videos, quotes and asking questions. Also, you must be consistent with your posts. I aim to post around 3 times a day, which works well for me, but I know lot's of people post far more and some less. Have a play around and see what works best for you.

5. Use fab images: Research shows that posts with images get better organic reach and get shared the most, so make sure you are using fab images to stand out in your ideal customers news feeds. An amazing free tool to help you create your own images is Canva. I absolutely love Canva but be warned it can become addictive!! Basically it's a fantastic free tool for DIY design which is really easy to use. It lets you create professional looking design for your website, social media images, blog posts, Facebook Ad's, business cards, leaflets and much more! It also has thousands of free images for you to choose from. It has a template already set up for Facebook posts — so you just need to add in your image and text and you will have the perfect Facebook post all ready to go! Pop over to to get started.

6. The 80/20 Rule: Be careful not too be too salesy on your Facebook page. A recent change from Facebook states that if your posts are too promotional, they are unlikely to show it in your fans news feeds. Facebook want to give their users the best experience possible, so they want to show posts that give value in their users news feeds and not tonnes of promotional posts. This is why Facebook now give much lower priority to promotional posts. So although you should definitely still promote via your Facebook page - don't over do it! Try to focus more on giving your fans value — tips, resources, blogs, tools etc. and remember the good old 80/20 rule - share 80% valuable content and 20% promotional.

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