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Too Much of a Good Thing: How Much Time Have You Wasted on Social Media?

Posted by Dean Asher on 1/7/15 4:46 AM
Topics: social media, retail management

Social media is a great thing for stores and students alike. It lets students stay connected, gives your store a free marketing venue and gives you an opportunity to engage directly with your customers. But too much can be a good thing, and when time is money, you can't afford to waste time making posts that won't pay off on social sites. That's where Brooke Ballard at Business2Community comes in. She's provided some great tips for analyzing which sites and content are working, and which can be trimmed back or cut. We've included her top tips here, but you can see them in their entirety here.

time wasted on social media

Don’t get me wrong here, not all time is wasted on social media.

However, there are MANY gaping holes that we (yes, me included) have fallen into with social media that have caused us to waste colossal amounts of time.

I’ll share with you the ones I see trapping companies, brands, and clients the most.

Social networking is where a lot of people are spending (and yeah, sometimes wasting) their time these days.

In fact, Americans aged 18-64 who use social networks say they spend an average of 3.2 hours per day liking, commenting, and being lurkers.

But, as a user, I should be allowed to waste my time.

As a marketer and consultant? I should NOT.

As a business, YOU should not.

Here’s where your business might be spending time wasted on social media:

Too many social media platforms

We’ve talked about Shiny Object Syndrome before.

And yes, it’s wise to test out new platforms like Snapchat and Ello.

But if you’re on 20 platforms, sharing the same, tired content, or barely showing up at all, you’re likely wasting time.

How to NOT waste time here:
  • Invest in the platforms where YOUR audience/customers are active
  • Stick to only 3-5 platforms (or 1 — whatever you can commit to being AWESOME SAUCE on)
  • Get rid of platforms where you don’t have a constant (read: DAILY) presence
  • Let the data tell you what to do

Measuring the wrong metrics for success

There are soft metrics and solid metrics to analyze with social media.

Then there are vanity metrics; things like number of followers or fans, likes, etc.

If you don’t have a solid strategy for measuring what matters – CONVERSIONS – you’re wasting precious time.

I can’t tell you what your goal(s) should be, but it should involve some sort of return on investment (ROI).

That might be new blog readers, newsletter subscribers, course buyers, or webinar attendees — but unless your fans and followers are doing those things, you’re doing it wrong (and wasting time)!

How NOT to waste time here:
  • Have a social media strategy
  • Tie that social media strategy to business outcomes and/or goals
  • Don’t let vanity metrics steal any of your focus

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